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Arbor House

002_Front View
005_Foyer 2nd View
003_Front Entrance
001_Welcome to Arbor House
006_Dining Room
007_Dining Room 2nd View
009_Dining Room 4th View
011_Common Area 2nd View
010_Common Area
008_Dining Room 3rd View
012_Living Area
014_Living Area 3rd View
013_Living Area 2nd View
015_Activity Room
016_Activity Room 2nd View
018_Activity Room 4th View
017_Activity Room 3rd View
019_Computer Area
022_Private Suite 3rd View
020_Private Suite
021_Private Suite 2nd View
025_Bedroom 2nd View
027_Spa Room
031_Patio 3rd View
028_Beauty Salon
030_Patio 2nd View
033_Courtyard 2nd View
034_Arbor House Van
035_Exterior View


Studio and 1 Bedroom Apartments

One Person Private Apartments or Shared Companion Living

Utilities Included with exception Personal Phone and Cable TV

Call System in each Apartment for Prompt Service and Security

Beautiful Secure Courtyards and Landscaping

Patios and Porches to Enjoy the Fresh Air

Secured Community

Respectfully Pets Welcome (check for details)

Kitchenettes with refrigerator, microwaves, sinks and cabinet for storage

Large TVs in General Areas for everyone to enjoy

Large Living Room and Seating Areas so invite Friends and Family


Moving In

Easy Inexpensive Move-in Process

Short Term and Long Term Stays

Full Assessment of your needs by our Move-in Team

Fresh Clean Apartment Ready for Your Personal Belongings and Furniture